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August 9, 2018
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September 12, 2018

Women in Tech at ConverCon18

The gender imbalance within the tech industry is a continued challenge to overcome and we want ConverCon to play its part in promoting and encouraging women in the industry .

Up until the 80’s the number of women in tech was fairly balanced.  But for some reason,  women have become a minority when it comes to the tech industry. While more women are  in the workforce today, fewer are working in technology:

  • In Europe, less than 7%  of tech positions are filled by women
  • Worldwide, women account for less than 20% in tech leadership

With ConverCon as with many technology events and platform, we recognise the importance of not only promoting female tech leaders’ achievements, but also the need to continuously support women in tech every day of their careers.

ConverCon strives to deliver a gender balanced event from speakers to delegates to organisers.  This year we have 46% female speakers to date, and there are more to come.

So what can we do to strike a delegate gender balance?  To this end, we have launched our #Women in Tech inclusion programme.  This programme is designed for women working in technology to invite other women who have an interest in conversational interfaces or who may not normally attend tech events.

So, how does it work?  We will extend one ‘Women in Tech’ complimentary guest ticket’ for every ‘Women in Tech’ ticket purchased.  So if two tickets are purchased then two guest tickets will be issued and so on.

So, let’s hope we can reach our target of a 50/50 gender split!!

Get ‘Women in Tech’ tickets here 



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