Something Special for 2022

Conversational AI has been a central theme at ConverCon, and this year Webio have partnered with the World Credit Congress to bring people together who have the practical experience in the implementation of key Artificial Intelligence and technology solutions in the credit industry to promote the next wave of innovation

Taking place on day 2 of the WCC conference, we will be bringing all the enthusiasm, ideas and networking that ConverCon is known for

...and the ConverCon full programme will be back in 2023


ConverCon is . . .


Bringing together the world’s leading conversational interfaces platform players, technology enablers, next level CX design experts and the business community to share enthusiasm, learnings and experiences

  • Ultan O’Broin
    "I’d thoroughly recommend ConverCon to anyone who wants to explore, learn, and share about chatbots, messaging, and general conversational computing and the possibilities".
    Ultan O’Broin ,
    Senior Director UX Oracle
  • Marina Corbett
    "ConverCon was brilliant.  It was really interesting and engaging.  I would definitely come again."
    Marina Corbett,
    Srata 3
  • Maeve O’Gorman
    "It was exciting to see so many of the big pillar companies like Google and FaceBook alongside smaller start-ups doing incredibly niche interesting things"
    Maeve O’Gorman,
    Digital Strategy Lead, Vhi Healthcare
  • Charlotte Breen
    "I loved that that there were so many women speakers.  Great to have a good mix"
    Charlotte Breen,
    IT Security and Data Specialist
  • Peter Hunt
    “It was a terrific event and I’m excited to see what you can build on for 2018”
    Peter Hunt,
    Action Point Technology Group

Meet the Speakers


Medb Corcoran

Managing Director



Salman Taherian

Partner AI/ML



Salman has many years’ experience implementing AI solutions for some of the worlds largest financial services organisations. Working in Amazon’s new AI/ML Partner team he sees how companies are gaining benefit from AI today, and what their future plans are. A highly experienced and accomplished AI expert & technology entrepreneur. He has helped companies realize value from Analytics & AI – architecting & delivering solutions from ideas to scale ranging from 100K to 50M. He will be highlighting use-cases such as conversational AI, contact centre intelligence, intelligent document processing, and credit scoring with associated customer stories.

Róise Cunningham

Director - Data & Analytics




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