Salman Taherian

Partner AI/ML



Salman has many years’ experience implementing AI solutions for some of the worlds largest financial services organisations. Working in Amazon’s new AI/ML Partner team he sees how companies are gaining benefit from AI today, and what their future plans are. A highly experienced and accomplished AI expert & technology entrepreneur. He has helped companies realize value from Analytics & AI – architecting & delivering solutions from ideas to scale ranging from 100K to 50M. He will be highlighting use-cases such as conversational AI, contact centre intelligence, intelligent document processing, and credit scoring with associated customer stories.

Medb Corcoran

Managing Director

Accenture Labs


Medb is the Managing Director of ‘Accenture Labs’ in Ireland, one of Accenture’s seven key research hubs around the world. In her role at Accenture Labs, Medb incubates and prototypes new concepts through applied R&D projects that are expected to have a significant strategic impact on Accenture, its clients and society. She is the Global Responsible AI Lead for Technology Innovation, focusing specifically helping organisations address the challenges of Algorithmic Fairness and build trustworthy systems.

Paul Sweeney

Head of Product



Paul has been designing and delivering product strategy for digital business for the last 20 years. An early convert to the power of the internet, and then to the emerging software-as-a-service transformation, he is valued for his ability to turn evolving market and technology trends into defined value propositions that have real tangible meaning to the end user or customer. Over the past 12 years he has worked in marketing, innovation and product roles with the current members of the Webio executive team. He is an industry advisor to The Watson Institute in Waterford, the National Standards Agency Top Team on AI, the University of Limerick’s Digital Futures Programme, and is co-founder of ConverCon one of the world's leading conversational technologies conferences.


Róise Cunningham

Director - Data & Analytics



Róise is a Director in the Data & Analytics practice at EY Ireland managing a team of 180+ analytics professionals operating across all industry sectors. Róise specialises in building teams and delivering market leading analytics and technology solutions to clients. Róise works with clients to connect people and data to deliver business outcomes with over 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry delivering analytical solutions across global organizations. Róise is also an executive committee member of Women in Tech Belfast.

Dan Blagojevic PhD

Head of Customer Analytics and Decisioning Sciences

Optima Partners


Dan has over 15 years' experience in data science and ML across the full spectrum of use cases in the customer lifecycle, in particular advanced credit risk analytics. He is passionate about de-buking the myths of ML unfairness and bias in the credit risk industry. Another area of his expertise and interest is the use of loyalty data to deliver better and fairer customer outcomes. His two papers at the 2021 Credit Scoring conference talked to the transformational value (and fairness) of ML in credit risk assessment and how to widen access to fair credit through the use of loyalty data.

David Bowman




David is CTO at InvoiceFair a new Fintech disrupter into the credit space. They are an example of a company that are using new business models, and new approaches to disrupt the traditional invoice discounting business. They also see where AI needs to be implemented and the challenges that adopting AI will have on their future.


Eric Robson

Director of Data Analytics, AI, and Automation

Sun Life


Sun Life is an example of a big, traditional health insurance company that has to move from where it is today, into the new world of cloud and AI services

Terry Franklin

Executive Vice President

Qualco Technology


Terry is leading the company’s Fintech Solutions evolution. He oversees all technology-related initiatives, leveraging new capabilities to provide innovative solutions that help businesses realise tangible benefits. His vast experience in the market combines unique industry know-how and solution design expertise to bring significant value to Fintech tools. With extensive insight in the fields of Management, Consultancy, and Business Development, along with a proven track-record of significant accomplishments in the Credit and the Collection industry for more than 20 years, Terry has held leadership positions in established companies in United Kingdom and beyond.

Cormac O'Neill

Co-Founder and CEO



I’m Cormac O'Neill, CEO and Co-Founder of Webio, my fourth start-up and by far and away the most exciting. I’ve worked in many sectors over the past 20+ years including telecommunications, retail, financial services, and travel gaining priceless experience along the way. Starting a business is both exciting and challenging in equal measure and core to success is a great team focused on a noble mission. We have that in spades here at Webio. My role is simply to set the right tempo and create a culture that will enable our team to shine. I understand the impact that financial wellbeing can have on a person’s mental health, as an entrepreneur I have had my fair share of financial challenges and at Webio we are striving to make those difficult conversations about money that little bit easier for everyone concerned. While entrepreneurship flows through my veins, I have my parents to thank for my educational background. I’m a qualified CIMA accountant with a Degree in Accounting from Ulster University and awarded a full MBA scholarship from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, majoring in finance. My educational background has been a rock that I’ve leaned on throughout my career and serves me well today.


Professor Markus Helfert

Director of the Innovation Value Institute & Director of Empower

Maynooth University


Markus is the Director of the Innovation Value Institute at Maynooth University and Director of Empower – the SFI funded Programme on Data Governance. He is also Professor of Digital Service Innovation at Maynooth University. He is a Principle Investigator at Lero – The Irish Software Research Centre and at Adapt - The SFI Research Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology. His research is centered on Data Governance and Digital Service Innovation and includes research areas such as FinTech, Service Innovation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Services, Building Information Management, Data Value and Enterprise Architecture. He is an expert in Data Governance Standards and is involved in European Standardisation initiatives. Markus Helfert has authored more than 200+ academic articles, journal and book contributions and has presented his work at international conferences. Helfert has received national and international grants from agencies such as European Union (FP7; H2020), Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, was project coordinator on EU projects, and is the Project coordinator of the H2020 Projects: PERFORM on Digital Retail.