Alec Saunders

Principal PM Business AI



Principle PM for Microsoft Business AI where he works with research teams to build new AI based businesses at Microsoft. Alec is involved on a day to day basis with making this vision happen. Prior to this role, Alec was a senior director in the Microsoft Accelerator team, responsible for a diverse portfolio including scaling the Microsoft Accelerator Network through partnerships, and success managing high potential startups to their full potential using Microsoft resources .

Patricia Scanlon


Soapbox Labs


With over 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology, Dr. Patricia Scanlon has spent the majority of her career working on the commercialisation of research innovations. Scanlon holds a Ph.D. in Speech Recognition technology and Machine Learning systems and has held positions with Columbia University in New York, IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin and Nokia Bell Labs. Currently founder and CEO of SoapBox Labs, building voice technology for kids, which has raised over €3 million in funding to date including a highly competitive EU H2020 Innovation grant.

Max Amordeluso

EU Lead Evangelist

Amazon Alexa


Max Amordeluso is the Lead Evangelist for Amazon Alexa in Europe. His main mission is to introduce Alexa to European developers, and demonstrate how they can build natural and delightful voice experiences for customers. Max has held several technical leadership roles during a career spanning over 15 years—prior to his current role he led the teams that brought Alexa Skills Kit to United Kingdom and Germany, and spent the previous two years leading the Solutions Architects team for Amazon Web Services in Europe. Max is passionate about topics including Human Computer Interaction, the Internet of Things and the materialization of science fiction predictions.


Gillian Armstrong


Liberty IT


Gillian works as part of the Cognitive Technologies team in the Emerging Business and Technology department in LIT. Her team is focussed on exploring and using innovative technology in interesting new ways to improve how our employees do their jobs. She has more than a decade’s worth of experience in many technologies across the full stack, but her passion is for where technology meets humans in the user interface and experience. She truly believes that technology should be used to make lives better, and loves being a software engineer as it allows her not just to think up big ideas, but also to make them a reality. An essential part of her team’s magic is a seven-foot-tall inflatable unicorn that is always happy to pose for selfies.

Stephen Mailey

Senior Interaction Designer



With a 17-year track record of leading highly useable, smart and engaging conversational user experiences with personality by design. Stephen’s current focus is on expanding the fundamental concepts of Voice User Experience and branding to the areas of virtual assistant and bots - and in building the processes and skill sets within teams to deliver those to fortune 800s.

Nick Jenkins

Messaging Platforms EMEA Lead



Ad and Mark tech professional with over 12 overs experience in digital marketing. Currently working at Facebook helping bot platform’s and customer care solutions deliver real business value for Facebook’s customer base.


Paige Maguire

Design Director



With 18+ years of experience in digital marketing, product, and service design. Paige’s background in logic, rhetoric, and complex information systems informs all of her work, particularly her study of AI and conversation design. Her passion for making the complex simple has been a theme across roles her entire career.

Grant Ronald

Director of Product Management, Mobile & Intelligent Bots



Grant Ronald is Director of Oracle Product Management for Mobile and Intelligent Bots responsible for getting customers up and running with Oracle technologies. Before the exciting world of mobile and chatbots, he had a variety of roles in his 20 years at Oracle including developing Oracle Forms, Java and mobile technologies. Previously he spent 7 years as a developer at EDS Defence building secure military IT systems. He is author of the McGrawHill book “The Quick Start Guide to Fusion Development”, a regular magazine contributor and has spoken over 200 times at more tech conferences that he can remember.

Mitch Lieberman

Analyst, Program Director - Conversational Intelligence

Opus Research


I have turned my analytical sights on Conversational Commerce, Relationship Intelligence, and Conversational Intelligence. My focus is to help enterprise executives who are taking charge of bringing customer care, self-service and, increasingly marketing and advertising into the age of natural language understanding, machine learning, big data and analytics.


Brian Herron

Principal Designer & Director



Brian is a Director and Principal Designer at Each&Other, an experience design agency that partners with large organisations to transform their businesses. He has lectured on content strategy and design thinking for DIT and UCD and his client list includes Google, Zurich International and Vodafone. Each&Other is an employee owned company that operates internationally from an old converted priory in Dublin and works across multiple sectors, including finance, enterprise, tech and both local and national government.

Mary-Jane McBride

Software Engineer



Mary-Jane, a software engineer by trade, works in a research and development team at Kainos where she tinkers with machine learning and chatbots to find their business value. She is particularly interested in the UX behind chatbots and teams up with user researchers to find the best approaches to designing conversational interfaces and spoke at the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Conference on chatbots in June 2018. Mary-Jane also enjoys teaching the basics of chatbot development and within the past year has taught hundreds of kids and students, including speaking at universities, conferences, and classes at Kainos Code Camp, Kainos AI Camp and hackathon workshops.

Ultan O'Brion

Digital Transformation



Ultan has worked with SaaS and PaaS product development and sales teams in the US and EMEA for more years than it’s healthy. He wants to change hearts, minds, and wallets about using conversational computing by showing how a thoughtfully-designed user experience lets people augment what they love to do and automate what they hate. He believes no UI is the best UX, but until personal APIs happen will continue endurance running, embarrassing his kid from the touchline, and giving as much back to the conversational commerce community as he’s let.


Susan O'Brien

Principal Software Engineer

Liberty IT


Passionate about all things conversational and having worked on some of the first speech recognition commercial products for Phillips. Today Susan and her team have been developing Chatbots for the insurance industry. Her team is focused on freeing up claim specialists to deal with the more complex tasks while our Chatbot deals with day to day queries in a friendly and helpful way. Her team is also the first in Liberty IT to create a speech Bot and use it with a virtual call centre integrating Amazon Connect and Lex.

Paul Sweeney

EVP Product



Paul leads Webio’s Product Vision. He has over 20 years’ experience in research, new venture development, venture capital and outsourcing across the telecoms, Internet and technology sectors. . He is a founder of Convercon.

Alessandro Prest

Co-Founder & CTO



Alessandro Prest is co-founder and CTO of LogoGrab, an Artificial Intelligence platform that tracks the presence of brands in billions of online pictures. Alessandro has covered several research positions in international institutions and industries delivering A.I. solutions that span from quality control for the semiconductor industry to detecting cats on YouTube. He received a Google-funded Ph.D. in Computer Vision from ETH Zurich in 2012 and a M.Sc. cum laude in Computer Science from the University of Udine in 2007.


Shane Lynn

Co-Founder and CEO



EdgeTier provides analytics products to customer contact centres. EdgeTier's latest product is "Arthur" uses the latest technology in AL and NLP, developed in-house by the EdgeTier team. Prior to their work at EdgeTier, Shane and the team developed a consumer-facing price comparison application in Ireland, which has since been integrated with the website of the Commission for Communications Regulation. Previously, Shane worked as a data science consultant with Deloitte Analytics in Dublin, providing analytics solutions to clients across multiple sectors in Ireland.

Rowena McCormack

Litigation Partner

DAC Beachcroft


Rowena is a litigation specialist with considerable experience in dealing with a broad range of complex disputes. Rowena has a particular interest in cyber risk and data breach incidents. She will be speaking about Privacy, Security and GDPR in the context of Chatbots and Conversational Interfaces. She has previously advised clients attending the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis in Ireland and Financial Services Ombudsman. Rowena is a committee member of the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association Litigation Committee and a former legal advisor to the Faculty of Health Science Ethics Committee, Trinity College Dublin

Kostya Gorskiy

Design Manager



Kostya has lead a team of highly talented designers. “Together we work hard to create intuitive, simple and elegant products for millions.”


Daria Barteneva

Technical Program Manager/Data Scientist



Passionate about data analysis, pattern recognition, automation and process efficiency she have worn many hats throughout her career, including a variety of roles across software and service engineering, AI research and Data Science. With 17+ years of industry experience she is an avid learner, Women in Tech supporter and she thrives on a good challenge. On her free time she is an opera singer and a portrait photographer.

Lisa Talia Moretti

Digital Sociologist and Strategist

Inst. of Mgmt Studies | Goldsmiths, University of London


Lisa Talia Moretti is an award-winning digital sociologist and strategist with 12 years experience based in London. For more than a decade, she's studied and written about the relationship between technology, information and society and deep-dived into tech ethics during the last six years. During this time, Lisa has also presented keynotes and run workshops to audiences from a wide range of business backgrounds on the impact, opportunities and challenges of emerging technologies

Erika Nitsch

Data Science Lead



Metail is the revolutionary body shape and garment digitisation company. Erika’s team's mission is to use retailers' and Metail's rich data assets to help deliver the best possible online shopping experience and uncover new efficiencies. She believes data science is the future of shopping: through AI-led personalisation, deep learning-based computer vision, and rigorous experimental validation of game-changing ideas. Before turning her hand to solving the world's complex e-commerce problems, Erika was a research scientist based at the University of Oxford (DPhil 2012), where she used mass spectrometry analysis of ancient food to study a range of problems, from origins of the first cities, the collapse of the Roman Empire, to the Industrial Revolution.


Marek Sowa

Artificial Intelligence Manager



Responsible for managing applied Data Science / AI capability build-up, delivery & product management and Innovation cycle management.

Monika Kumar

AI & Machine Learning Snr Engineer



Monika Kumar is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer at Webio- the Conversational Middleware Company. She is responsible for building Webio's data driven systems utilising statistical programming, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. She will be sharing her experience and the lessons learned from building Webio's strategy in this area and from her previous extensive experience in other global companies. She has a Masters in Data Analytics and a Masters in Computer Applications

Catalina Butnaru

City.AI & Women in AI

London Ambassador


Catalina is a City AI and Women in AI Ambassador in London, where she works with the local community of AI practitioners, researchers, academics, and professionals on democratizing access to accurate information about the state of AI and its applications. She was part of the IEEE working groups that are currently refining AI Ethics standards, and developing measures of transparency, well being, and privacy in AI. Having worked with startups her entire career, she is developing an agile ethics in AI process to help teams develop better AI.


Charlotte Breen

IT Security and Data Specialist

Breen Consulting


Working where text, people and software meet . She researched and designed the core Data Loss Prevention rules and policies for RSA/EMC. She developed DLP Security Incident Analysis and Escalation rules and policies for Synopsys. She works at the level of what this legislation means for your data, combined with that software. Originally coming to the field from Librarianship, Charlotte has developed taxonomies, classification system, EDRMS, provided training in Advanced Information Management, worked with multinationals across verticals, and with government departments across the EU. With 20 years of data project experience, she’s highly experienced at spotting what will go wrong next.

Ignacio Floristan

Sales Lead for Analytics & AI



Ignacio is part of the Global Black Belt organization covering Western Europe, he helps customer throughout the transformation journey in AI and Advanced Analytics. He is passionate about democratizing complex technologies like data processing and AI, thanks to the infinite power inside the cloud. He has previously held Product Management positions for Video Analytics and 10+ years as Solution Architect in the telco domain

Graham Hill

Interim GDPR Programme Director



Dr Graham Hill has more than 30 years’ experience working for blue-chip consultancies as an independent strategy consultant. More recently, he has been involved in projects implementing Decisioning-as-a-Service, Journey Orchestration and Conversational Commerce. Currently working as the Interim GDPR Programme Director for O2 responsible for all aspects of GDPR compliance, go-to-market strategy and data-driven innovation.


Cormac O'Neill




CEO of 'The Conversational Middleware Company' he is passionate about bringing conversational messaging and voice-first technology to the entreprise and enabling them to use the power of AI to automate conversations via autonomous smart chatbots or blended live agent engagement. Applying Machine Learning, NLP and Webio’s Propensity Indicator X to deliver optimal customer conversation outcomes. He brings to the table over 20 years’ management experience within the telecommunications, retail, financial services and travel sectors, particularly in implementing operational best practices and budget control systems.

Eric Robson

Research Unit Manager - AI & Machine Learning



A senior leader in the software industry with over 14 years’ experience delivering high quality innovative products in multi-national, SME and R&D environments. Eric currently leads the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Research Lab in TSSG where his team are publishing ground-breaking research and delivering world class technology to clients around the world.

David Low

Head of Alternative Channels



Experienced digital product leader in media, travel, finance and fast-moving, high growth organisations. Passionate about emerging technologies, a pioneer in voice, mobile, and streaming video development.


Benoit Alvarez




As Volume’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Benoit is involved in developing the Volume technology offering around artificial intelligence. Moving conversational AI platforms to live production environments is a highly complex and time-consuming process. To solve this challenge, Benoit invented QBOX™, a tool that improves performance and scales your conversational AI platforms and smart chatbots: the technology-agnostic corpus-management tool that automatically measure the quality of your natural-language data model.

Hesham Shokry

Head of AI Engineering

EY Ireland



Sean Healy

Senior Engineer



Hi, I'm Seán. I work on Webio's conversational backend by day, and I'm a part-time GNU/Linux geek by night. I like things that save me time and brain power, and I like my conversational architecture how I like my vim macros: correct and modular.


Meabh Quoirin

Co-Owner & CEO
Foresight Factory

We’re about real trends and powerful global data. We’re laser focused on the consumer - what they want now, and beyond. We are specialists in trends and disruption before they happen and we do this by providing the most robust data and trends intelligence on consumers available today. We bring our clients competitive ground with customers through distilling new ideas and incisive intelligence on new audiences.