Accenture’s The Dock Is Platinum Sponsorship at ConverCon19
September 23, 2019
ConverCon Speaker Bret Kinsella on The Big Tech Show
October 11, 2019’s Bret Kinsella Is Coming to ConverCon

We are delighted to announce that’s Bret Kinsella is flying in to be with us at ConverCon.

Bret is CEO and founder of, the leading source of research, data, analysis, and news related to the voice and AI industries. He also hosts the reknowned Voicebot Podcast which spotlights voice AI innovators.

At ConverCon19, Brett will discuss global trends in voice assistant adoption and expansion across device surfaces and use cases. And review how voice assistant adoption has shifted from a focus around smart speakers to multi-device and multi-modal use and how that is playing out in different markets against the backdrop of the technology adoption life cycle.
He will also look at the media backlash against voice assistants in regards to perceived threats to consumer privacy, the looming trough of disillusionment, and the continued
growth in consumer adoption despite the headwinds.


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