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July 3, 2018
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July 25, 2018

Microsoft’s Business AI Visionary Alec Saunders to Close ConverCon 18

Alec Saunders from Microsoft Closing Speaker at ConverCon 2018

Agreeing to close ConverCon 18,  Alec Saunders, Principal PM for Microsoft Business AI.

In 2014 Satya Nadella became the new CEO at Microsoft and thus began one of the most dramatic and successful business transformations of all time. A core part of the new Microsoft strategy was all about “conversation as a platform,” Nadella told Build attendees “It’s the power of human language applied to all computer interfaces,” and makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies under the hood. Clearly the future was conversational.

Alec Saunders, is Principle PM for Microsoft Business AI where he works with research teams to build new AI based businesses at Microsoft. Alec delivers this vision on a day to day basis and he will share with us what he has learned to date and what he sees coming down the road

Prior to this role, Alec was a senior director in the Microsoft Accelerator team, responsible for a diverse portfolio including scaling the Microsoft Accelerator Network through partnerships, and success managing high potential startups to their full potential using Microsoft resources .

Before re-joining Microsoft in 2014, Alec served as BlackBerry’s Vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development, and Vice President of QNX Cloud. Alec has founded three companies during his career. The most recent was web-based collaboration platform provider iotum Inc. in 2006. He served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Iotum Corporation until 2011. Alec has more than 25 years in software, including 9 years of service at Microsoft in the 1990’s where he helped launch Windows 95, the first two versions of Internet Explorer, the Universal Plug and Play initiative, the push into home markets, opt-in email marketing and what might well go down in history as the very first commercial direct email list ever.

We are thrilled to have Alec close ConverCon and talk about his insights into the future of conversational interfaces.

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