October 11, 2019

ConverCon Speaker Bret Kinsella on The Big Tech Show

Clothes manufacturers are starting to build voice technology into their garments, while Amazon’s new doorbell tech allows it to have autonomous conversations with whoever’s at the door. Adrian Weckler goes through some of the latest developments in voice technology from companies like Google, Amazon and Nuance. He’s joined by Bret […]
September 24, 2019

Voicebot.ai’s Bret Kinsella Is Coming to ConverCon

We are delighted to announce that Voicebot.ai’s Bret Kinsella is flying in to be with us at ConverCon. Bret is CEO and founder of Voicebot.ai, the leading source of research, data, analysis, and news related to the voice and AI industries. He also hosts the reknowned Voicebot Podcast which spotlights voice […]